A thorough skin analysis is perfomed to determine your individual skin care needs, with all of the facials.

express facial

Short on time? This facial is easily customized to address all skin types. Cleansing, steam, exfoliation, nutrient application, skin specific mask and targeted serums, lotions and creams will get you on your way. Perfect for a quick lunch time pick me up!

*extractions are not included with this treatment

$50 ~ 30 MIN
vanity (clinical) facial

A deep cleansing treatment aimed at revitalizing and refreshing the skin. This facial includes cleansing, steam, appropriate exfoliation, extractions and a customized mask. The facial is completed with treatment serums, moisturizer, sunscreen and a light application of mineral facial powder to match your skin tone.

$70 ~ 45 MIN
purifying acne facial

This facial is ideal for clients with break-out prone skin or acne. Whether it's oily or dry acne, this facial is designed to heal current breakouts and help prevent future ones. The skin is deeply cleansed while being steamed and exfoliated with the appropriate hydroxy acid or enzyme treatment. Extractions of clogged pores are then emphasized, followed by a customized mask. This facial is finished with targeted serums and hydration treatments. This facial is ideal for improving skin texture and clarity.

$80 ~ 60 MIN
serenity facial

This luxurious and relaxing facial offers anti-stress and anti-aging benefits. This is truly where serenity, and vanity combine. Includes cleansing, steam, suitable exfoliation, extractions, customized mask and targeted serums, lotions and creams. Enjoy aromatherapy towels, heated hand mittens and detoxifying massage of the arms, hands, face, neck and shoulders. Skin will look and feel radiant, and so will you!

$85 ~ 60 MIN
the "green" organic facial

Let your mind, body and spirit be nurtured, as well as your skin. Enjoy the finest paraben-free, organic and natural ingredients. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished, resulting from products containing actual seeds, pulps and peels from fruits and vegetables. Treatment masks, serums and creams are used to address specific skin concerns as well as damage caused by environmental and modern day lifestyles.

$95 ~ 75 MIN
vitamin c facial

This facial is ideal for clients with sensitive, sun damaged, hyperpigmented and environmentally damaged skin. Skin will be cleansed, steamed and exfoliated with suitable alpha hydroxy or enzyme treatment, followed by extractions of clogged pores. A creamy, rich in antioxidant mask will be smoothed over the skin, leaving the skin looking and feeling smooth, plump and more radiant.

$95 ~ 75 MIN

the collagen facial

This facial is suitable for clients with dry, dehydrated, mature and sensitive skin. It includes cleansing, steam, appropriate exfoliation and extractions, after which, a warm, moist blanket of collagen is applied to your skin. Moisture is then sealed in with a luxurious facial massage. Skin looks and feels firm, smooth and radiant.

$105 ~ 75 MIN

the power of pumpkin
(seasonal facials, limited time only)

Resurface and reclaim more youthful looking skin. Great at erasing sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines, these treatments are also antioxidant rich to strengthen and firm.

Pumpkin has amazing regenerative properties for the skin. Loaded with a multitude of vitamins (A, C and E), beta carotene and antioxidants, pumpkin repairs damage to the skin caused by environmental factors and aging. This is a professional use only treatment that will give you amazing results without damage or irritation. The delicious scents of Pumpkin and spices will tantalize your senses.

In-spa treatments can be continued for a series of 4-6 sessions to dramatically increase collagen production, to plump up the skin and erase fine lines and damage.


pumpkin delight 

This is a progressive treatment/light peel that improves texture, brightens pigmented skin by grabbing and dispersing melanin, and infuses the skin with antioxidants. It's also a great chest peel. Great for normal, dry and oily skin types.  

$110 ~ 60 MIN


pumpkin refresher treatment

This is an active treatment with light exfoliation. Replenishes dry summer skin and delivers two of the most important vitamins - vitamin A and beta-carotene - to the skin. Clients will notice smoother texture and brighter skin. Great for normal, dry and oily skin types.

$95 ~ 60 MIN


pumpkin peptide peel

This peel exfoliates skin cells, stimulates collagen activity and cell turnover while delivering vital antioxidants to the skin. Skin will look more youthful and radiant. Great for normal, dry and oily skin types.

$110 ~ 60 MIN


winter radiance facial

Enjoy a break from all the bustle of the holidays! Experience and enjoy enticing aromas of cinammon and cloves, cherry essence, and rich, decadent chocolate as these natural extracts are layered into the skin for the most delicious holiday treat while they work to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, balance and refine your skin. Skin will sparkle for days to come with a youthful, healthy glow! A facial each week will help take the stress out of holiday shopping and keep you looking rested and refreshed.